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About Us

Our Mission

The Southampton Soccer Associationwas established in 1981 and endeavors to provide youth soccer players (ages 4-18) with a positive, enjoyable and safe experience in playing and learning about the game of soccer. By teaching our soccer players in the skills and fundamentals of the game, SSA hopes to enhance the level of talent in each and every player, and more importantly we strive to instill in all of our kids a sense of good sportsmanship, fellowship and commitment to the enjoyment of the game itself.


To become the “best” community based soccer club in the Bucks County area, acknowledged as a leader and educator in fostering personnel growth and development for our youth, and to create opportunities for soccer participation at all levels.

Principles and Values

  1. All of our youth soccer players can train, develop and play in a safe environment;
  2. Our club will be associated with good sportsmanship;
  3. Everyone in the club and community with be treated with respect;
  4. We will strive for excellence in all we do;
  5. We will always remember that we are training children, and that will govern our decisions and motivations.

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