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Pennsylvania State Law – Mandatory Background Checks for Club Volunteers

The PA Child Protective Services Law changed effective July 1, 2015.  The law requires every volunteer (coaches, assistant coaches, etc.) working with children to obtain the below three security clearances.  ***PLEASE NOTE***   the fees for child abuse clearances and State Police background checks are waived for volunteers who work with children – so you do not have to pay..  All background checks must be completed using the provider designated by Pennsylvania per requirements of the law.

SSA now using Background Manager to track Coaches clearances

New for 2018, SSA is using to track coaches clearances

All coaches are asked to login to to upload their PA Child Abuse Background Check and PA State Police Background Check

You can access Background Manager by clicking here (Organization code is ssa)

PA STATE BACKGROUND CLEARANCES (documents valid for 5 years)

1. Child Abuse Background Check (free)

Click here for link to obtain Child Abuse Clearance

2. PA State Police Background Check (free)

Click here for link to obtain PA State Police Background Check

3. Signed Disclosure Form

Click here for Disclosure Form

If you have resided outside of Pennsylvania at any point over the past 10 years, you will also be required to complete the FBI fingerprinting check (cost $27.50)

For more information on the FBI fingerprinting click here and then on Dept of Human Services icon


Concussion Training Required for ALL COACHES & ASSISTANTS

Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer’s Policy on Concussion Procedure and Protocol mandates concussion education for coaches and mandates certification for all coaches.  Coaches are required to complete ANNUAL certification.

SSA policy is that all coaches and assistant coaches (IM and Travel) as well as any other individuals that supervise practices or games (e.g trainers, etc) must complete this ANNUAL certification.  And that these certifications must be provided to the SSA Board of Directors or their designee.


Below are some links for parents information and for coaches certifications.

CDC Fact Sheet on Concussions for Parents
Good sheet for all coaches to give to parents before the season

CDC Coaches Fact Sheet Concussions

CDC Coaches Clipboard Sheet Concussions
Good fact sheet for coaches to keep with them

CDC Coaches Training on Concussions
Test is about 30min long. You will watch videos, scenarios, and given bullet point facts. During and at the end you will be asked questions. Once the test is completed you will receive your certificate. Please print this certificate and give to a SSA Board Member.



Coaches, by the very nature of this position, will always be the most important  representative of Southampton Soccer Association. The coach must recognize that their principal role is that of a teacher/instructor. Coaches are expected to: Teach and motivate their players; To cultivate a lasting love and respect for the game;  And to provide a positive experience for each and every player regardless of ability.

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