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Southampton Soccer Association COVID-19 Safety and Action Plan

In accordance with guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer, the Southampton Soccer Association (SSA) will return to play with the follow safety and action plan.

  1. Communication & Education

  • All players and parents will receive communication on our safety and action plan before return to play begins.
  • CDC Education materials will be shared with all participants (coaches, players, and parents) on behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19 to include but not limited to: hand hygiene, sanitizing equipment, properly covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home when appropriate.

     2. Protocols to Reduce the Spread

     Practice and Game Protocols in Return to Play

  • Highly recommended that all parents and coaches wear masks at all times possible.  Parents and other spectators should maintain social distancing if attending practices and games.
  • All players, coaches, and spectators who feel sick or are experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19or that have come in contact with infected persons should stay home and consideration should be given to requiring at-home or on-site temperate checks.
  • Consideration will be given to how players and spectators arrive at the facility. Game times will be staggered to limit the number of people arriving or departing at one time, especially if there is only one entrance/exit.
  • Players and parents will be informed that there should be no sharing of equipment unless specifically necessary and designated by a coach
  • Food, unless medically necessary, is not be allowed in team areas. This includes sunflower seeds, gum, etc.
  • Players should bring their own water bottles, have their names clearly marked, and no sharing with anyone else
  • Only required and essential personnel should be allowed in the area of the team, whether the team bench & sideline.
  • Pre-game meetings should not be held if possible, or limited to one coach from each team and one official, with distancing strongly encouraged.
  • Team huddles, breakdowns, handshakes, high fives, group celebrations, etc. should be discouraged or eliminated.
  • Adequate space should be utilized for the team area to allow for proper distancing; with player bags and equipment spaced out accordingly.

    Post-Game Protocols in Return to Play

  • Avoid team huddles, breakdowns or group celebrations
  • Sportsmanship remains an important part of youth sports. The handshake line should be replaced with a salute or other acknowledgement of the opposing team and officials.
  • Players, coaches, parents, and spectators are encouraged to distance at the end of the competition and as they leave the facility.
  • Hand washing or hand sanitizing after the game is encouraged
  • Instead of gathering players to discuss the game, adjustments necessary, positive outcomes, or provide information for the next practice or game, this information should be communicated to players and/or parents later on via email or messaging apps
  • Players may be dismissed one at a time so they can remain proper distancing, especially in crowded facilities or where there may be only one exit.
  • Disinfect shared equipment immediately

     3.  Identification of COVID exposure

  • Parents of participants will notify the board of SSA if the participant or someone in the participant’s home is presumptive positive or tests positive for COVID.
  • SSA will notify participants who came in contact with the individual of potential exposure following CDC guidelines and HIPAA regulations on confidentiality
  • For the protection and safety of our entire community, all members of SSA are expected to be open and honest when reporting. This is inclusive of answering questions related to contact tracing within the club and interactions with members of the community at large. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of your membership in the club.

     4. COVID Point of Contact

For all of Southampton Soccer COVID related policy questions and concerns, please contact the SSA Board of Directors at



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